These images are from a book I published: Dayan Derkh — Monastery Reborn.  
The book is the story of the dedication in 2004 of a Buddhist stupa, or shrine, that took place at a very remote location in Mongolia. It attempts to capture and preserve the special nature of the place, the richness of the day’s ceremonies—the Buddhist dedication, a shaman ritual, and secular activities including Mongolian wrestling—and the spirit of the celebrants. Later, questions arose: What had happened to the original monastery? What was this about a Shaman? Who was Dayan Derkh? I attempted to answer those questions in order to provide cultural and historical context for the day’s events.
Dayan Derkh—Monastery Reborn can be purchased at for $55. Net proceeds from the sale of the book go to The Tributary Fund, a non-profit that is actively helping conservation efforts in the area.
Dayan Derkh 105Dayan Derkh 99Dayan Derkh 80Dayan Derkh 85Dayan Derkh 34Nonagenarians (DD 57)Shaman Ovoo (dd 111)Shaman with Assistants (DD130)Shaman Assistant (DD 144)Shaman at Work (DD 135)Buddhist Stupa (DD 151)Reclaimed Lost horses, On the Gobi desert.