This portfolio consists of reflections captured on streams and small ponds near my home and other waters across the West. What is presented appears distorted; however, the shifting of light and morphing of subject is entirely natural, caused by what was happening on the surface of the water at that moment. 
Many of these images can be viewed in different ways. Thinking you are looking down on the water is one perspective. From that viewpoint you can see what is reflected from above, what is on the surface of the water, at its margin, and even what is on the stream bed under the water… sort of like viewing several dimensions at once. Or—in some instances—the image captures what it would be like to be on the bottom of the stream looking up through the rippled surface of the water at its surroundings. A point of view many of us would never experience, giving the image its apparent ambiguity.
RippledBright TriadDeep WaterDaylilliesGolden RipplesFogarty's FlowersValley FallLost WoodsMerced RocksMineral WaterLast ColorStrange Trees